In the United States, about one in eight women and their partners experience issues with fertility. If you are having trouble trying to conceive, scheduling an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist is taking a positive and active first step to help you identify the problem and discover the problem. Because this is a new experience, you may be feeling a bit concerned wondering what may occur in your first visit to the fertility specialist, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Every clinic has its own way of doing things, however, the end goal is all the same. The three main parts that consist of your first fertility specialist visit are: 1) introduce you to the employees, 2) receive medical histories on both you and your partner (if you have one), and 3) determine if you should need to be further tested in order to develop your treatment schedule.

Have your partner or a friend alongside with you!!
Most fertility clinics will highly recommend your partner (if you have one) to come alongside with you to the first appointment. It is encouraged to have someone support you because the information of an emotional topic is extensive. Learning about the evaluation process and available options for fertility treatment can lessen any stress you may have, and therefore promote supportive relationships required to effectively speak about fertility issues.

Medical Records and Insurance
To prepare for your first fertility specialist appointment, you should prepare not only your medical records, but also your partner’s medical records. Make sure you bring your insurance cards, copies of medical records from your OBGYN, primary care physician (or urologist if applicable). Also, make a list of all the medications you take and any medical conditions you or your partner (if applicable) may have and any previous infertility evaluations or treatments.

Questions and Answers
During your first fertility appointment, there will many questions surrounding your medical history, the length of time you are trying to get pregnant, how often do you have intercourse, and any likelihoods of male-factor problems. Also, there may be blood tests or a pelvic exam, and there may be tests prescribed for the male partner.
If you have any questions, make sure you write them down beforehand and bring them to the fertility clinic appointment with you. Things may get overwhelming, but this first appointment is crucial to understand what may take place afterwards and what decisions you will need to discuss and make. Your healthcare professional team is there for you to address any concerns or questions for you.

What are your Financial and Time Commitments?
Last but not least, take time before your first fertility clinic appointment to discuss the time you and your partner, if applicable, are willing to put in so the healthcare professional team has an idea of your schedule as well as the costs you are willing to commit and put in to have a baby. Financial counselors are available at many clinics that can prepare you with information regarding insurance coverage, financing plans, and various options to pay for the cost of treatment.
Deciding to begin fertility treatment is a powerful decision, and the very first visit is a momentous factor during the process. You have the right to be educated and well-informed about every stage and point of your treatment. Your initial consultation will set forth your journey through the preparation alongside with your fertility specialist and your partner – giving you confidence through it all.

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