There’s always light at the end of the tunnel! The good news about post-IVF pregnancy life is that you shouldn’t have to completely change drastically. Having a healthy lifestyle with a clean diet and environment carries over into pregnancy, including incorporating a healthy fitness plan.

Once your pregnancy is approaching, recommendations for creating an exercise program should include:

  • Keep your body in good and healthy shape which allows a healthier vessel for the baby
  • A moderate fitness plan that entails good cardio and bone-building, but not too rigorous where it hinders your abdomen and pelvis
  • A workout that isn’t as extreme where it causes you to be underweight or that overweight women lose drastic amounts of weight – both which can put severe stress on the body, affecting pregnancy
  1. Make sure you get your health provider’s permission.
    • Your healthcare professional should be your first point-of-contact for any anticipated exercise plans. Also, if you recently underwent IVF, your fertility doctor will be able to review your preferences to inform you on what is appropriate for you during pregnancy.
  2.  Your exercises should be moderate- to low-moderate exercises
    • It’s common sense to not train for a 5K run. Your body and your baby will be happier if the blood is flowing where it needs to go and the hearts are pumping oxygen everywhere it needs to go. Do not push you to the limit or overwork to prevent stressing yourself.
    • Everyone knows that you’ll be eating for two, but not many people will tell you how absolutely important it is to drink lots of waters during pregnancy, considering that your baby is getting bigger every moment. This increase the amniotic fluid combined with increased blood volume that you are supporting for the both of you. The recommendation is to have at least 8-ounce glasses of water every day, if not more.
  4.  Extreme sports are prohibited.
    • If you like to participate in cross country, rock climbing or any sports that are extreme, it’s time to take a small break from it. Your body doesn’t need anything extreme that will put you at risk for hard falls to affect your belly.
  5.  Your baby needs exercise too!
    • We all know that exercise is extremely important during and before pregnancy, but it is also important after pregnancy. During pregnancy, however, this is an excellent time to take advantage of by developing an exercise routine that includes baby strollers and mommy-and-me fitness classes. Your baby also will reap the benefits of you exercising having an overall better health when he/she enters the world.

Pregnancy is a sacred, amazing, and gratifying journey to travel on. By providing your pregnancy with nourishing foods and practicing wellness allows a rewarding abundance of pregnancy health.

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